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Niezmiernie miło jest mi poinformować, o uruchomieniu nowego projektu MoonGate dedykowanego grze Conan Exiles. To efekt naszych ostatnich prac utrzymywanych do tej pory w małej tajemnicy :) 

Szczegóły - na nowej podstronce serwisu -

Uprzejmie informujemy, iż już dziś - tj. 16.06.2018 r - pomiędzy 8:30 a 9:00 - nastąpi przerwa techniczna w funkcjonowaniu shardu MoonGate: Aria celem implementacji pakietu poprawek do oskryptowania serwera.

Przepraszamy za niedogodności związane z przerwą techniczną i dziękujemy za Waszą wyrozumiałość.

Lista poprawek :

- Mage spell Heal now heals for between 59 and 67.
- Stamina is now determined by Agility, ranging from 20-100.
- Stamina replaces Agility in determining swing speed.
- Stamina replaces Agility in determining run speed.
- Stamina regeneration rate has been significantly reduced.
- Balance pass on weapon damage.
- Special abilities have been more evenly distributed across weapon disciplines.
- Critical hits have been removed.
- Weapon accuracies have been standardized.
- Miss rate versus targets outside of your skill range has been increased.
- Queued weapon abilities can miss; their hit rate is determined by the skill used, max skill is 100% hit rate.
- Swing timer counts down while disabled, meaning if you would have swung while disabled you will swing when disable ends.
- Swing timers are delayed by 1 second on a successful spell cast.
- Bow attack timer counts down while moving with a minimum delay of 1 second between movement stop and arrow release.
- Bleed Particle effect no longer applies on normal combat hits. Instead, it is used only as an indicator of bleed debuff.
- Added Mortal Strike weapon ability, prevents the target from being healed for 8 seconds.
- When Mortal Strike ends, the victim becomes immune to Mortal Strike for 12 seconds.
- When Bleed ends, the victim becomes immune to Bleed effects for 12 seconds.
- When Stun ends, the victim becomes immune to Stun effects for 12 seconds.
- Stats Attack, Power, and Force are no longer scaled for NPCs.
- Players can no longer apply debuffs to immune (stasis) players.
- When a player becomes immune (stasis), all player debuffs are removed.
- Primary and secondary effects have had their animations/effects tweaked.
- Added Scout combat ability to replace Snipe; Hunters Mark, prevent target stealth and increases ranged damage against them (3.33%/6.66%/9.99%) for 30 seconds, 2 minute cooldown.
- Added Rogue Combat Ability to replace Backstab: Vanish. Instantly hide and remove all player debuffs. Cooldown of 6, 4, and 2 minutes for level 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
- Hamstring, Bleed, Mortal Strike, Hunters Mark can now be resisted by willpower.
- Mobile traits implemented. Specific damage types can do more damage to NPCs with vulnerabilities and less to NPCs with resistances. (The damage types in question are Bashing/Slashing/Piercing/Bow/Magic.)
- Ranged NPCs can fire while moving.
- Heavy/Light Armor skills now scale defense of relevant items worn.
-Reduced global potion cooldown to 1 minute from 4 minutes.
-Reduced Defence granted from shields to 70 from 90.
-Reduced the attack bonus of Stab from 125 to 100%.
-Increased the damage of Bleed (min,max) from (20,40) to (40,60).
- Equipping a 2H weapon now unequips your shield.
- Fixed casted combat abilities (Stun Shot for example) that would sometimes allow a normal combat swing as well.
- Prevented Hamstring from being used with a ranged weapon.
-Heavy Armor pieces now lowers your agility by when equipped (-3 per piece).
-Bleed tooltip has been updated.
-Heavy & Light armor skills descriptions updated.
-A 1 second swing delay when switching weapons has been removed.
-Evasion rebalance:
Evasion 1 - 75% chance to be hit.
Evasion 2 - 50% chance to be hit.
Evasion 3 - 10% chance to be hit.
-Fixed the “Follow Through” weapon ability to actually subtract stamina from the target hit.
-Swing timer no longer reset when leaving stun state.
-Stun can no longer stack (used to refresh duration if new stun was longer than current stun)
-Releasing a primed spell while stunned will result in cast failure.
- Fixed an issue where the first swing after a weapon swap could be equal to a full swing of previous weapon.

Loot/Crafting/World Changes:
-Added Mana & Stamina potion recipes and items.
-Set value of blank runes to 200 copper.
-Added Vanish & Hunters Mark prestige books.
-Initial monster spawn location, difficulty and loot overhaul. Adjustments to continue.
-Fixed broken dungeon spawns / missing mobs.
-Level II & III Prestige Books now drop exclusively at the awakening spawn.
-Death has had his loot table revised.
-Death now has a chance to distribute items directly to those within range who contributed to his death.
-Executioner weapons of three levels of strength (lesser, regular, and greater) have been added and now drop. Executioner weapons do increased damaged (125%,150%,175%) to a specific species of foe. These drop across a range of both overworld and underworld monsters.
-Cursed item property has been added. Cursed items will not be dropped on death but cannot be repaired (when repair is added).
-Fixed broken dungeon spawns / missing mobs.
-Level II & III Prestige Books now drop exclusively at the Barrens Awakening spawn.
-Death has had his loot table revised.
-Death now has a chance to distribute items directly to those within range who contributed to his death.
-Executioner weapons of three levels of strength (lesser, regular, and greater) now drop across a range of both overworld and underworld monsters.. Executioner weapons do increased damaged (125%,150%,175%) to a specific species of foe. 

Fast Travel:
-Recall spell has been disabled, scrolls and existing copies in spellbooks will no longer function (and will disappear entirely after the game wipe - still planned for this summer).
-Added fast travel. Marking blank runes allows players to summon portals. Portals are two-way unless restricted by area casted in.
-Burying runes acts as a one time use portal, and doesn’t require a skill check.
-Runes cannot be marked in housing plots, dungeons, the Barren Lands, or in the Black Forest.
-Portals from the Barren Lands and the Black Forest are one way portals. You can leave those areas, but can't go back.
-Portals cannot be created in dungeons.
-Reds can not travel via portals.
-Fixed prices on runes, all should now be 200 copper.
-Set both origin and destination portal color to be red for one way portals.
-Fixed destination portals not spawning in different subregions.

Taming Changes:
-Increased pet slot count on Drake and Dread to 4.
-Animal Lore fully implemented, and is required to control your creatures.
-Players cannot tame on horseback anymore.
-Tamers can no longer command pets to attack targets they can’t see.
-Pet corpse decay time has been increased.
-Pet AI optimized and simplified.

Guild Changes:
-Guild tag is now removed from a player’s name upon leaving a guild.
-Guild invite prompt title fixed to be show the correct text.
-Guildmasters can no longer promote another guild member up to guildmaster, and thus creating multiple members with the rank of guildmaster. (At current there is no way to transfer ownership of a guild. This will be fixed soon.)
-Guild names are now recorded when creating a guild, previously the guild name was being set to the guild tag.

-Campfire regen rates have been decreased slightly.
-Players can no longer dismiss a starting player’s spirit wisp, or interact with it.
-Players can no longer unpack items that are locked down on another person's property.
-If a lockbox or container is out of sight, players can no longer store and remove items from the box using split stack.
-Players can no longer take items from bank using split stack while being far away from the bank source.
-Players can no longer use/consume items inside a locked container if its open.
-Locked containers now have unique key/lock combinations, and cannot be opened or locked by any locked container key.
-Players can no longer re-summon a mount they are on via /use commands. This bug was used to dismiss the mount yet retain mounted movement speed while on foot.
-Creatures corpses no longer have open pack or loot options, unless they have packs to loot. Harvesting them is now the default interaction.
-Auto looting a corpse while hidden now reveals the hidden player.
-Empty right click context menus no longer show on creatures.
-Dialog windows now automatically close when teleporting.
-Bank and containers inside banks now automatically close when teleporting.
-Awakening spawn now does not reset stage of spawn upon server restarts.
-Players no longer lose coin when attempting to purchase an item from an NPC and being too far away to do so.
-Mobs in camps will no longer spawn stuck in objects and be unattackable.
-The max weight of a players backpack on the drop down inventory list now updates when strength changes.
-Bandits will no longer attack other bandits.
-Players can now transfer guildmaster to Officer rank member.
-Players can split stack an item on ground.
-Packed items now can only be unpacked if they are in users backpack.
-Anvil rewards from crafting orders are now packed objects.
-Warfork is now usable.
-Dungeons and other teleporters in the world should allow entry again.
-Mobs no longer spawn inside player houses when treasure hunting.
-If a house if built on a player, mobile objects will be moved to the boundary of the house.
-Removed complete heal potion from loot tables.
-Fixed Neutral guards. They now properly protect non-outcasts as well.
-Neutral guards no longer attempt to protect players against fellow guards.
-Guards no longer attack on sight when a player has active conflicts, the guard must be within range of the conflict happening to react.
-Fixed campfires not decaying, they will now go out and decay on their own.
-Added weapon class to weapon tooltip.
-Containers will now close when locked.

Z dniem 26.05.2018 do zalogowania na serwer wymagana jest gra w wersji beta 0.6.4.
Korzystanie z wersji starszej - uniemożliwia zalogowania na serwer. Z uwagi na powyższe uprzejmie prosimy o zaktualizowanie  przez Was posiadanej wersji gry do wymaganej.

Link do klienta  -

Główne zmiany w tej wersji :

  • Secure trading for items and houses.
  • World map via "M" key has been removed from players, but remains for gods. Map objects are now purchasable per region for players.
  • The client controls window now includes hotkeys for “Custom Action 1-5”. These will execute a client user command event on the player with the name “customAction[1-5]”. This was specifically added so you could still have a map hotkey since we removed it from the base game.
  • Player movement now cancels out any PathToTarget calls that are set on a player, instead of creating rubberbanding and server <-> client conflict. A PathingInterrupted event is sent back to lua when this happens.
  • Optimization pass on the server's networking and message system. This reduces the number of modifications and copies that were happening at times on messages/packets. It also sets up memory pools for re-use of memory instead of new allocations. 
  • Aria script changes, optimizations, deletions, additions, and various updates. (See Gitlab for diffs, and publicly available patch notes)

Uprzejmie informuję, iż w związku z przeniesieniem MoonGate: Aria na silniejsze serwery, świat Celador, do jutrzejszego popołudnia pozostanie niedostępny. Trzymajcie kciuki za szybkie zakończenie prac :)

Prace zakończno - zapraszamy do zgłębiania Celador na naszej nowej infrastrukturze. IP serwera nie ulega zmianie. 

Z dniem wczorajszym Citadel Studios, po wcześniejszej konsultacji z administratorami beta-serwerów opublikowało nową mapę drogową wraz z informacją o planowanej dacie Open Bety LoA!

Otwarta beta to bardzo ważny etap każdej gry sieciowej. Ważny albowiem pomimo okoliczności, iż cały czas pracujemy nad wieloma aspektami i dodatkami do gry, to pewne kwestie z tym zwiazane nadal pozostają poza naszym zasięgiem. Mam na myśli informacje zwrotne i raporty o błędach w zakresie tych elementów mechaniki gry, w których występuje masowe i jednoczesne współdziałanie setek/tysiecy graczy.

Dlatego też już w
czerwcu bieżącego roku, po dwóch kolejnych dużych pakietach poprawek, planujemy wkroczenie w kolejną fazę rozwoju projektu, która docelowo przekształci się właśnie w Open Betę. Znajdziemy się wówczas w punkcie, w którym zaczniemy rozwiązywać problemy, możliwe do wychwycenia tylko podczas jednoczesnej interakcji dużych grup. Aby ten proces usprawnić planujemy jednoczesne rozpoczęcie dystrybucji bezpłatnych kluczy próbnych gry. Pozwoli to - przy udziale gildii i ich mistrzów  - przeprowadzić kilka dużych testów, przed oddaniem naszych światów w wir prawdziwej otwartej bety.

Na lipiec Citedal Studios zakłada możliwość finalnego wipe
wraz z przejściem w etap Early Access. Wówczas też wszystkie osoby, które wsparły projekt LoA poprzez Kickstarter oraz Founderzy rozpoczną swój tygodniowy headstart , po którym nastąpią - już oficjalnie - narodziny Świata Celador:)

Już teraz wiemy, iż fazę wczesnego dostępu nie zostanie włączona platforma Steam. Jest to związane z koniecznością usunięcia maksymalnie dużej ilości błędów przed skorzystaniem z szansy jaką daje ten etap. Z tego również względu na drogowej mapie nie wskazano terminu premiery gry na Steam, która będzie bezsprzecznie wielkim marketingowym impulsem. Termin ten jest uzależniony od tego, co przyniesie wiosna i lato. Chociaż naszym wspólnym celem nadal pozostaje premiera LoA jeszcze na tą jesień, z racji tego, że premiery na Steam nie można powtórzyć (a falstarty bywają tu bolesne :) ) musimy upewnić się, iż nasz wspólny świat jest maksymalnie atrakcyjny również dla tych fanów gier MMO, którzy wcześniej o nas nie słyszeli.

Wraz z formalnym startem gry, rozpoczety zostanie proces dystrybucji
nagród dla naszych przyjaciół z Kickstartera i Founderów, dzięki którym projekt LoA stał się możliwy do realizacji. Meble, zwierzęta domowe, tytuły i wirtualne ubrania to tylko niektóre z potencjalnych przedmiotów, które zostaną dostarczone postaciom graczy w podziękowaniu za zaufanie jakim obdarzono garstkę zapaleńców, którzy lata wstecz rozpoczęli pracę nad grą, a dzięki którym wszystko to co teraz planujemy, stało się możliwe.

Wierzymy, iż Aria stanie się miejscem, w którym dane będzie nam  przeżyć niezapomniane chwile. Was również - już teraz - serdecznie zapraszamy. 

Dziś świętuje :)
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