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Friends, I have the honor to inform you that from March 15 - the decision of the players - the honorable function of the mayor of the city of Britain has taken over Aramita. I wholeheartedly congratulate you.

In other cities (Jhelom, New Nagincia, Minoc, Moonglow, Skara Brae, Trinsic, Vesper, Yew) due to the lack of candidates' applications (applications and votes are carried out on city stones) - no mayors were elected in the completed elections.

The next electoral process will start on June 1. Then, for a period of 7 days it will be possible to submit candidates for mayors in individual cities, followed by a week of voting. I encourage you now to gather support for a possible future candidacy and to start in the next election.

In addition, I inform you that tomorrow, in the morning, the server will receive a package of urgent amendments, eliminating errors revealed in recent days. The list of patches will be published in this news after implementation.

- an error has been removed resulting in blocking the display of PvP Arenas stone management and an error causing potential instability of the game server after certain conditions occur - now the system is currently functioning as described in the link below - PvP Arenas
In addition, gates leading to one pvp arena were located on the bank's roof in Britain. You will also find PvP Arena in the southern part of Occlo (Felucca) and in Haven (the region for new players)
- AbyssalInfernal fix;
- Phoenix fix;
- Predator Hell Cat fix;
- fixed issue with Mailbox, where it couldn't move if inside a house;
- fixes a major issue with rune books code;
- if there is no place left in the backpack, craft cannot; 
- InteriorDecorator gethue function added;
- conflag potions now do effects in houses;
- fixed message for Cuffs of the Archmage failed craft;
- fixed Virtuabane crash;
- inferno now drops 25% total fire resist;
- fixed issue where special imbuable items couldnt be imbued;
- fixes an issue where players could accidently use an axe to destroy Commodity Deed Boxes, the new China Cabinet, and Pie Safe. None of these should be able to be destroyed like that;
- hitching posts now use proper max follower function in animal trainer;
- dismissed merchants inventory (pets, not commodities) will now be stabled in the owners stables. In the event the players stables are full, they will have to be claimed by the warehouse superintendent and are subject to deletion after 7 days if their stables are once again full.

Dear Friends,

I kindly inform you about the next coding upgrade for our server implemented today. It covered the entire catalog of corrections and a number of modifications, adapting the solutions applied on Moongate to those applicable on OSI servers. You will find a list of all changes at the end of this news.

I remind you that the second lottery of free spots has already started within the New Magincia bazaar. Just as it was in the first edition, each player can purchase an unlimited number of tickets for individual lots included in the lottery, with the exception of some of them, where tickets are limited to purchase one item for the entire game account. The winners will be drawn in 30 days.

In turn, on March 15, voting for mayors of cities will be completed. The last 3 days are ahead of us, during which we can vote for one of the declared candidates - players on the stones of particular cities. The elected will perform their office for the next three months, after which the electoral process will start again. If any of you did not decide to start in the current elections, and in the future would like to take this honorable office in one of the cities of Felucca, let him start the campaign now - to ensure future election, and in the case of current candidates - another term of government.

In addition, I would like to inform you that tomorrow, the Auction Safe ticket will come to the donation system - an item that you know perfectly well from the Auction House in New Magincia, and which allows you to start the auction of the selected item within your property. More about him - here

List of today's modifications:

- the possibility of getting to the cities of the Trammel continent - with the exception of Haven - and the Malas with the help of crystal portals have been removed;
- the possibility of getting into Trammel and Malas dungeons with corrupted crystal portals has been removed;
- fixed errors revealed in the coding of Righting Wrong quest;
- added recall to checks in CrystalPortal destination and proper message when check fails;
- setting down to 2 town healer area to limit problems with resurrecting players in smaller objects;
- update remove trap. In certain situations if the target was marked as [trapped] it would not invalidate the property right away. Update fixes that;
- imbuing special items (ie fisherman set) now works per EA;
- updated ItemID's for various gems;
- fixed Pen of Wisdom gump display when copying Runic Atlas;
- New Magincia Bazaar now takes commission fee from the seller, not the buyer;
- fixed New Magincia Message Gump errors; 
- fixed Nether Blast Field to remain on surface;
- SDI now capped at 18 in loot system, per EA;
- special abilities that trigger when the creature takes damage now trigger properly;
- raging breath was implemented;
- fixed damage eater message;
- update Jasper quester (Going Gumshoe Quest - Treasure of Khaldun);
- Jasper now offers the 2nd quest properly;
- fixed issue where vendor rental contracts locked down in a container would prevent making a house private;
- added aggressive action range in guarded regions;
- summoned creatures no longer cast animate dead;
- removed Animate Dead from Base Creature as it is now handled in NecroMage/Necro AI's;
- fixed objectives section in Journey to The Athenaeum Ilse Quest;
- fixed Pet Special Ability Inferno;
- fixed id's of certain jewels in vendor menu;
- increase plane buffer size x2. This is needed for the new plot foundations, which, may require an enormous amount of tiles during customization;
- fixed special ability Coldwind;
- update Roserug house addon;
- add Decorative Kitchen Set;
- adjusted Triton stats & skills, per EA;
- add update to the House Teleporter. Now you can set which type of object the teleporter displays as. Choose from new switches and a trap door. Access the context menu to change the type;
- Interior Decorator gump update;
- add Decorative Kitchen Set bag;
- VvV now appears after player name in guild roster (guild gump);
- Removed unused code from Base Explosion Potion. It now uses LOS for hitting targets;
- TerMur Style Chair now retains resource hue when crafted;
- players no longer become reveales when their pet performs various actions. They only get revealed when they give commands via context menu and typed commands;
- locked container contents no longer show on Item Insurance Menu;
- TRex no longer flees;
- Metal Box code was fixed;
- Detect Hidden Spell no longer reveals blues in New Haven, it now follows same rules as the skill;
- Update DespiseController - all Trammel entry was moved to Felucca;
- add Embroidery Tool;
- Weapon Engraving Tool now derive from Base Engraving Tool;
- controlled creatures no longer discord players - per EA.

We are glad to inform you about the settlement of the first lottery for places under cottages within the New Magincia market. Today, an automatic draw was carried out during which - out of those who acquired lots in the lottery - winners were drawn. Congratulations and we advise you to read the content of A Writ of Lease, confirming the right to a seat - which should go to your backpacks.


If a house is not placed on the purchased spot, according to the rules of the lottery, it will return to the pool of points available for purchase in subsequent draws.

Prejudice the questions - due to the fact that not all seats were of interest to the players, we are planning to launch another lottery edition tomorrow for the remaining plots.

In addition, I would like to remind you of the elections of mayors of cities within the Felucca continent that last until 15/03/2019. After the date - yesterday - the deadline for submitting mayoral candidates, nowadays each of the city's residents can vote for one of the candidates (by clicking the mouse on the stone of the city and choosing the candidate). Interestingly, in some cities, only one person came forward to run for the mayor's seat, and there are also such cities - where nobody did it. So if you want to deal with such a responsible office, I recommend a trip around the cities to see the situation :)


winter months are slowly becoming forgotten, and March is just beginning. The first day of March is also an important date in the history of the MoonGate because today in the first few cities of Felucca, the first mayors of the city elections have begun. Who has not yet decided to take part in the elections, may not wait any longer, possibly think about which candidacy to locate support. More about the election system under the link: UO Guide City Loyality and UO Wiki City Loyality.

The deadline for voting and submission of applications is March 8th :)

Since yesterday, within the New Magincia market, there is an auction house run by our Game Masters. It will be possible - through participation in auctions, acquiring various kinds of interesting, often unique items for the gold you collect in the game. We encourage you to visit this place frequently - because it is worth :)

Also in Magincia, in a week will be the first draws of places for houses, within the market, among players who have purchased tickets in the lottery on individual slots of houses (stones marked Lot number). You have the last chance to invest your gold in as many tickets as possible - each one increases your chances for a house.

The next weekend is the time when the next event will take place as part of a series of events called Champion Rebellion. This time the enemy strike will focus on the city of Luna. It will also be the last event preceding the cutting off of the Malas continent from the rest of the game world. Dungeons that previously operated within Malas, as well as the unique NPC offering quests, have already been mostly transferred to Felucca.

We are also planning another add-ons and updates package tomorrow. As part of it, a pack of automated 4 large events will be implemented to the server, which we will gradually activate. These events include the remodeled Treasures of Kotl City event and new events: Treasures of DoomTreasures of Khaldun and Treasures of Sorcerer's Dungeon. In the links provided above you will find more information in their subject.

In addition, the server will receive an update that allows you to inspire items with a unique cadellite mineral - obtained from meteorites :) More about him at this link.

In connection with the announcements, on the saturday morning our server received an update package including the following modifications:

- coding has been implemented to allow inspiration of objects with a unique cadellite mineral - obtained from meteorites :) More: here
- automated events are implemented on the server (which we will successively activate) - - Treasures of Doom, Treasures of Khaldun, Treasures of Sorceror's Dungeon Event - more information at the address :
Treasures of Doom
Treasures of Khaldun
Treasures of Sorceror's Dungeon
- re-coding the automated Treasures of Kotl City event;
- Event Treasures of Kotl City has been activated for a period of 60 days in connection with the remodeling and completed coding tests. Details under the link
Treasures of Kotl City
- the boat launch option gump has been graphically updated to the current version of the UO;
- the critical error in the VvV system has been removed, which may result - in certain circumstances - in the instability of the game server;
- coding the game server was completed with missing items - Gadgetry Table, Repair Bench, Tinker Bench, Water Wheel and new statuettes - Krampus, KhalAnkur and Krampus Minion;
- the stone door (masonry) produced will no longer be created in the form of a document (deed);
- the coding responsible for displaying the Recipe Book gump and mechanics in this area was corrected, the possibility of having two open Recpie Books simultaneously removed;
- the lamps that should not be present have been removed from the list of loot possible to be obtained as part of finding treasure maps;
- added support for furniture addons to be dyable via furniture dye tub;
- fixed Coffee Craft;
- Stygian Dragon special abilities should be more in line with EA;
- fixed issue with Bod Times after bod collection;
- fixed issue where lightning effect wasn't visible when player was not facing the target;
- attune Weapon now updates buff bar when damage is absorbed;
- Enemy of One no longer shows pets orange, per EA;
- updated Swarm effects and duration;
- players can no longer customize/demolish or set houses to private that have active auctions going on;
- added error checking to Mana Regen Rates;
- fixed bug where improper points were showing for pet training;
- Auction Safe coding has been corrected to remove revealed errors;
- revealed errors in the New Magincia information windows;
- functional improvements to the repair bench mechanics were implemented;
- corrections of the Vendor Search maps module, removing the errors revealed in this area;
- added a new, possible to tame and train NPC - triton, link  - here.

New Guides

Fenris adminCEOo posted Feb 24, 19


thanks to the joint work of the Shardu Staff group - in particular Shiryu and Arsto - with my modest help today we can publish two guides for people who start their journey in the wonderful world of Ultima Online.

The first one includes a detailed description of how to connect to the shard and the first login - both for the version of Enhanced 3D and the Classic 2D version we recommend for older computers.

In turn, the second guide was devoted to the processes of character creation, racial abilities and skill descriptions in the game.

Links to both guides have been added to the menu "Treasures of knowledge" on the main page of our website, and the material itself to the new section of the forum - Tutorials.

I encourage you to read it now :)

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